Useful Quaker Documents

On this page I’ll post assorted useful Quaker documents to which I’ll want to provide a link, most of them written by others.

A New Association of Friends (January 1, 2013)

Recommendation of the Indiana Yearly Meeting Reconfiguration Task Force (Approved by IYM’s Representative Council, Indiana Yearly Meeting, November 10, 2012).  Sketch of Yearly Meeting “A” and Sketch of Yearly Meeting “B” (documents from the Reconfiguration Task Force, April 2012).

Earlham Covenant with Indiana Yearly Meeting (July 2010).

Towards a Quaker View of Sex: An Essay By a Group of Friends (London: Friends Home Service Committee, 1963, rev. 1964).

A Brief Synopsis of the Principles and Testimonies of Conservative Friends (1912)

Declaration of Faith Issued by the Richmond Conference (The Richmond Declaration, 1887)


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