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The Fraud of “Biblical Marriage”

August 1, 2013 Quick, name a happily married couple in the New Testament. Let’s make it easier: how about just naming any married couple in the New Testament? While you are compiling your list, let me say a few words … Continue reading

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Rights Vs. Righteousness In the Marriage Equality Debate

April 3, 2103 “Supreme Court Debates Same-Sex Marriage – Should We?”   This was the title of a recent blog post by Micah Bales that has stayed on my mind.  In it, he says he strongly supports moves towards legalization of … Continue reading

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Toward a Testimony of Intimacy

February 28, 2013 Now up on the Friends Journal website, an article I’ve written for the March 2013 issue entitled Toward a Testimony of Intimacy. Here are the opening sentences: Let’s face it: we don’t like to talk about sex. … Continue reading

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What Does God Mean By ‘Sin?’

November 19, 2011 For the Indiana Yearly Meeting Facebook Page: My devotions over the past few weeks have been focused on trying to understand what God means by “sin:” what is the nature of sin, and how does it arise. … Continue reading

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Our Evolving Understanding of Divorce — and Homosexuality

June 21, 2012 Could consideration of divorce help us understand how we make use of the Bible?  And might that help us in understanding what God asks of us with regard to homosexuality? In Luke 16:18 Jesus says18 “Anyone who divorces … Continue reading

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The Never-Changing Case for Marriage

June 1, 2012 In 1949, Elton Trueblood published a short book on The Common Ventures of Life: Marriage, Birth, Work and Death (New York: Harper and Row).  “The purpose of this book,” he says in the Preface, “is to help … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Testimony of Intimacy

April 27, 2012 In the midst of Indiana Yearly Meeting’s ongoing turmoil about homosexuality, the Bible, and the authority of the yearly meeting, a Friend writes, “it is clear even to the casual reader that God has something to say … Continue reading

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