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What’s Wrong With “Christian Fiction”

April 14, 2016 Walking the shelves of my local library, I was surprised to find a label on a book that said “Christian Fiction.” It was just above the regular label that makes books findable in  the stacks. Topsham Public Library puts … Continue reading

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Biblical Inerrancy Watch: the Evangelical Free Church of America

May 22, 2013 In response to a recent blog post on the seepage of the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy into Quakerism, a Friend asked for examples. Here is one. In this month’s “Communicator,” the yearly meeting’s newsletter, Indiana Yearly Meeting’s … Continue reading

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John Punshon’s Hopes for Friends (5)

March 25, 2013 This is the fifth of a series of posts on John Punshon’s Reasons for Hope: The Future of the Friends Church. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. Quakers … Continue reading

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Comments on “Fundamentalism Among Friends — Brinton’s View”

February 27, 2013          Updated below to add further comments Here are comments that have been posted regarding Fundamentalism Among Quakers — Brinton’s View Comments appearing on QuakerQuaker: Comment by Pat Pope Having spent 12 years in an evangelical meeting, I highly … Continue reading

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The Reach of Divinity

May 18, 2012 What is the reach of divinity? This is an odd, new question to me, and perhaps odd and new to you, too.  As I reflect on it, however, I realize it is not a new question, and … Continue reading

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