Quaker Organizations Project

I am working on a project to compile a Faith and Practice for Quaker Organizations.  The F&Ps of the various Yearly Meetings say very little about the expectations we have for the dozens of schools, colleges, camps, retreat centers, service and advocacy organizations, etc, that we have created. 

Towards this end I have interviewed about four dozen people who have been heads of Quaker organizations or have served on the boards of Quaker organizations. I have also collected quite a number of documents from Quaker organizations:  Bylaws, Policies, etc.  I am currently transcribing the interviews and beginning to draft sections of the book.  

From January to June 2019 I was Cadbury Scholar at Pendle Hill, but the project will take much longer than the residency at Pendle Hill.  I will use this page on River View Friend to make some materials for the project available to others.  If you have suggestions for the project, please send them along to dougb@earlham.edu.  Here is the proposal I submitted to Pendle Hill for the Cadbury Scholarship.

Here is one version of the slides I have used in early presentations (at FAHE, at ESR, at Pendle Hill) about the project.  Periodically, I will post updates about the project and chapter drafts on this site.  


2019.10.01      Update 1 on the Project

2020.03.18      Update 2 on the Project

2022.03.18      Update 3 on the Project

CHAPTER DRAFTS (comments welcome)

2019.09.30     Table of Contents

2019.10.25      Preface

2020.07.30      The Landscape of Quaker Organizations (Chapter 1)

2020.08.10      Fundamentals of Quaker Belief (Chapter 2)

2022.03.18      What Distinguishes a Quaker Organization (Chapter 4)

2020.05.03      Quaker Decision-Making (Chapter 6)

2020.07.30      Leadership, Power and Authority in Quaker Organizations (Chapter 7)

2022.01.20      Formal Arrangements for Governance (Chapter 8)

2022.03.07      Exclusion and Inclusion  (Chapter 9)

2020.06.18      What Can Go Wrong? (Chapter 12)


Here are some earlier things I have written about Quaker organizations

Can We Have Quaker Schools Without Quakers?, in Deborra Sines Pancoe et al., Leading in the Light: Celebrating 325 Years of Quaker Education in America (Philadelphia: Friends Council on Education: 2014), pp. 25-31. 

Port Huron Meets Germantown Meeting; or The Promise of the New Left, the Promise of Quakerism, and What They Could Learn from One Another, Convocation Address, Earlham, College, January 2010

Quaker Meetings and Quaker Colleges: What Should They Do for One Another? Quaker Higher Education: A Publication of Friends Association for Higher Education, v5, Issue 2, December 2011, pp. 9-12.

Quaker Governance of a Quaker College, Quaker Higher Education: A Publication of Friends Association for Higher Education, v2, Issue 1, April 2008, pp. 2-6.

The Value of the AFSC Corporation, Acting in Faith Blog, American Friends Service Committee, February 27, 2013.

Organizational Leadership as a Spiritual Gift, in Kathy Hyzy, An Inner Strength: Quakers and Leadership (Friends Bulletin Corporation, 2011), pp. 127-134.

The Idea of a Quaker College, Convocation Address, Earlham College, August 2000.

While President of Earlham College (1997-2011), I also oversaw compilation of a comprehensive Governance Manual. Its preparation required piecing together in one place a great deal of accumulated practice and custom that had never been brought together in an authoritative document. Its current edition (substantially similar to what I helped produce) is available here.: http://earlham.edu/policies-and-handbooks/handbooks/governance-manual/.