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Why It Matters How We Read the Bible

November 9, 2015 “We want to clarify for everybody that this is not a homosexuality issue for us, this is an authority of scripture/interpretation of scripture/orthodoxy issue for us.” That’s what Anthem Friends Church said last week as they withdrew … Continue reading

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The Road Back from Indiana to North Carolina

January 21, 2015 I’ve been following the news of possible schism from North Carolina Yearly Meeting (FUM). It all reminds me of Indiana Yearly Meeting’s schism though with still the possibility of a happier ending. This past October, Max Carter wrote … Continue reading

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A New Association of Friends Is Born

May 19, 2013 “The New Association of Friends is a voluntary association of monthly meetings, churches and individuals that supports worship, ministry and service through the cultivation of Christian faith in the Quaker tradition.”

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Among Friends, Who Is an Evangelical? Is Anyone a Fundamentalist?

March 28, 2013 A month ago, I featured here three paragraphs from a 1959 Friends Journal article by Howard Brinton entitled “The Place of Quakerism in Modern Christian Thought.” The three paragraphs concerned Brinton’s view of fundamentalism among Friends. The … Continue reading

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John Punshon’s Hopes for Friends (2)

March 19, 2013 Second of a series of posts on John Punshon’s Reasons for Hope: The Future of the Friends Church. Part 1 is here. In no way does John Punshon attempt to give a proper history of Quakers in … Continue reading

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Unity and Disunity Among Friends: A Tale of Web Links

March 13, 2013     Important Update Below I was struck recently – quite favorably – by something written by Colin Saxton, General Secretary of Friends United Meeting (FUM).  Unity was his topic: “For all of our principled moral and doctrinal stands, … Continue reading

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The Indiana Yearly Meeting Schism Made Vivid

March 12, 2013 Today, Indiana Yearly Meeting closed down its Facebook Page, cutting off communication between those who will remain and those are being “set off.” Here’s the e-mail notification I received — and that no doubt many others received: … Continue reading

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Borderland Reflections

January 15, 2013 Care to hear some of the pain, uncertainty and hope being experienced by those of us who have been ‘set off’ from Indiana Yearly Meeting? Then read Stephanie Crumley-Effinger’s marvelous message from this past First Day at … Continue reading

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Releasing Raccoons to the Wild: An Update on the Schism in Indiana

September 13, 2012 “Set off” is the phrase used in the recently released proposal to carry through a schism in Indiana Yearly Meeting.  “IYM (the organization) will remain intact and those meetings choosing option B will continue to be part … Continue reading

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The Bible as a Source of Schism

December 10, 2011 For the Indiana Yearly Meeting Facebook Page: We are facing a temptation to divide from one another even though we remember Paul’s exhortation in 1 Corinthians 1:10-13: 10: “I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of … Continue reading

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