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How Am I a Christian?

December 1, 2018 “How am I a Christian?” is the title of an article I have in this month’s Friends Journal.  Here’s a snippet from the piece: One of the Advices in the New England Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice reads “Make … Continue reading

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Quaker Values?

Message at Durham Friends Meeting, July 1, 2018 Quaker values are on my mind this morning – that phrase ‘Quaker Values.’ Partly Quaker Values are on my mind because the last week or two – or really the last year … Continue reading

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Beloved Community

February 20, 2018 At a gathering this past weekend, we reflected on what the term “beloved community” means to us.  To all those present, the term is part of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vocabulary and legacy.  But is King the … Continue reading

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Is There Oneness Deep Down at the Center of Things?

Message given at Durham Friends Meeting, February 4, 2018 Today I bring you a question, a big question. Is there ONENESS deep down at the center of things? Is there? Do you believe there is? If you do not think … Continue reading

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Submitting to Those Claiming to Speak for God…

September 8, 2016 Among my regular reading is the blog Marginal Revolution that Tyler Cowen (Professor of Economics at George Mason University) writes with Alex Tabarrok.  Cowen often sees things differently than I do, but in a serious, interesting and … Continue reading

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I’m With Stupid

August 7, 2016     Message delivered at Durham Friends Meeting You’d think that someone standing up to bring a message would talk about something he knew. Wouldn’t you? That would be reasonable. But this morning I want to talk … Continue reading

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Not a Calvinist, If I Ever Was

July 11, 2016 On the Writer’s Almanac yesterday (July 10), Garrison Keillor noted the birthday of John Calvin, “theologian and ecclesiastical statesman.” I first knew Calvin as the founder of Presbyterianism, my earliest religious experience coming thorough Brighton Presbyterian Church … Continue reading

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