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Why Was the Bible Written — And Why So Late?

November 19, 2015 Why was the Bible written? The Bible itself tells us very little. I don’t recollect any verse in which Jesus says to a disciple, “Simon, will you take notes today, you know, for the record?” When I … Continue reading

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Labyrinth in the Woods, Brunswick, Maine

November 17, 2015 Recently completed is a Labyrinth in the Woods, a joint project of First Parish Church (UCC) and the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust. Ellen is a member of First Parish, and I’m a Board member for BTLT.  We … Continue reading

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Spong: Reading the Bible With Jewish Eyes

November 15, 2015 This summer, Ellen, Robbie and I heard John Shelby Spong preach at All Saints-By-The-Sea, a chapel on Southport Island in Maine. It was a riveting message in which Spong sketched the changing views on when Jesus is … Continue reading

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Why It Matters How We Read the Bible

November 9, 2015 “We want to clarify for everybody that this is not a homosexuality issue for us, this is an authority of scripture/interpretation of scripture/orthodoxy issue for us.” That’s what Anthem Friends Church said last week as they withdrew … Continue reading

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Sources of Authority in the Present

November 2, 2015 “Welcome to the battlefield,” writes Ross Douthat in the New York Times yesterday. That sentence concludes a piece in which he responds to a letter sent to the Times by a sizable group of Catholic scholars, and … Continue reading

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