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Doug Bennett is Emeritus President and Professor of Politics at Earlham College. He has a wife, Ellen, and two sons, Tommy (born 1984) and Robbie (born 2003).

Fall on the Androscoggin

October 31, 2014 The Androscoggin from our back yard the day before Halloween, most of the red leaves now gone, mostly the yellow remaining.

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Indiantown Island, Sheepscot River

September 20, 2014 Indiantown is an island, much of which is now a property of the Boothbay Region Land Trust. There is a lovely walk around the island. I have no idea why it is called Indiantown.

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Committing to Be a Pacifist, Committing to Be a Quaker

September 16, 2014 After I posted the piece about Going Back to Germantown Meeting, I realized there was more I wanted to say about commitment. As often as the word is used, I don’t think most of us make many … Continue reading

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Going Back to Germantown Meeting

September 14, 2014 I went back to Germantown Meeting this morning after a long absence. Germantown is the first Quaker meeting I joined and being back in that meetinghouse brought a flood of memories. I greeted quite a number of … Continue reading

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The Story of the Jews

August 6, 2014 I began reading Simon Schama’s The Story of the Jews with the thought that it would be good to know more about the origins of my own religious tradition, Christianity. I finished with a much deeper understanding … Continue reading

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Cozy Harbor, Southport Island, Sheepscot River

Cozy Harbor, July 21, 2014  

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God and King, Word and Sword

June 26, 2014 I have been taking Jacob L. Wright’s Coursera MOOC called “The Bible’s Prehistory, Purpose and Political Future.” Wright is a professor of religion at Emory University, and I’ve joined thousands of others with widely varying motivations in … Continue reading

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